What makes us different?

We make your Tshirt quilt the way you want it.  You decide on how your Tshirt quilt should be arranged,  not many makers have time to offer this.  We also allow all types of clothing.  We know not everyone has a collection of tees, we can make your quilt from any type of clothing (or fabric type articles: tie, bag, scarf, etc..) that has a special meaning to you.  Simply contact us to discuss further.

Do you use batting and a decorative stitch on top?

 We don't use batting.  We do not do long arm quilting on t-shirts, either.  We believe that will break the graphics and speed up deterioration after each wash.  Our fleece backed t-shirt quilts are lightweight, comfy, cozy and fluffy enough without all that. We do add a twin needle top stitch along seam lines on the MOSAIC design.


 How do I know what size to order for a mosaic style quilt?

We have a suggested number of tees for each size on the Mosaic product page.  It really depends on the sizes of your logos.  If we need to adjust the size once we start working on your quilt we will let you know.


Can you transfer a photo to a T-shirt to be included in my quilt?

No but you can and we would be happy to include it in your t-shirt quilt. Most large drugstore photo labs can do that for you.


Can I send in other types of shirts besides T-shirts?

Sure, send jerseys, Dri- fit, sweatshirt, button downs, even jeans.  Basically anything that is made of fabric and machine washable can be included.


Do you secure the front of the quilt to the back?

Absolutely! We sew the front of the quilt to the back by machine stitching along the border.  We do not just tack by hand the front to the back. The sides are always machine sewn but if you like the tied edge look we can add that outside of the sewn edge.


Do you use other material beside fleece?

We LOVE fleece, but we can absolutely work with you if you prefer something else.


How long will it take to get my memory quilt?

We never know what obstacles we'll face once we start on an order.  An initial estimated schedule is given when we receive your box of tees.  Delivery may be delayed due to the complexity of each order.  We try to have your t-shirt quilt shipped within 7-9 weeks from the time we receive your t-shirts.  Christmas and Graduation may take longer so do plan ahead!  


How does the payment process work?

We take all credit cards, PayPal, and ApplePay. We don’t take a deposit but you can ship us your tees if you’re not ready to make your payment.  (Make sure you include name & contact info inside your box!)  Request a refund within 7 days if you change your mind and have not shipped your tees. Ship your tees to:

T-shirt Quilt Cafe

1333 Don Carlos Trail

Deltona, Florida 32725


Can I pay by check?

Yes, please contact us and we will be happy to take your order over the phone and give you the address where the check and tees can be mailed.


 What about Rush Delivery?


Yes, we offer Rush Delivery!  (Except during Christmas…sorry late shoppers).  If you need your quilt sooner than 2 weeks, contact us by email tshirtquiltcafe@gmail.com or phone/text 407-417-3509. We may be able to avoid the Rush Delivery fee if we get your tees in time. If we have to overnight it then Rush Delivery fee applies.  By default, free shipping is given unless you change to Rush Delivery.


How do I get my T-shirts to T-shirt Quilt Cafe to make my memory quilt?

Take them to your local packaging and shipping store or take them to the US Post Office. If you are in no hurry you can go on-line to the USPS.com and order a flat rate priority box for free (your mailman will bring it) and then schedule a pick-up online as well (your mailman will pick it up).  Please make sure you include your name, contact info, and instructions inside your box!  We have received boxes that cannot be traced to any order/customers because often times shipping carriers do not print your name on their label.  It sits on our shelves until customer contacts us.  


Where do I send my T-shirts?

Once you place your order we will email you the address in a printable file.  Please note that our sewing studio has established a permanent location in Florida, please check with us before shipping your tees.  Do not ship to Missouri address!  

Tshirt Quilt Cafe

1333 Don Carlos Trail

Deltona, Florida 32725


Can you help me finish/fix a quilt that has already been started?

Yes! We call this FrankenQuilt because most of the time we have to take apart what you started or patch up uneven cuts. Our mosaic style tshirt quilt is great for tees that have already been cut.


Can I see a layout of my t-shirt quilt before you sew it?

Of course!  We will email (or text) you a picture for approval before we cut & sew so be sure to check your email! We will text a reminder to check your email if we do not hear from you.


Do I have to wash or cut my shirts before I send them?

Wash, yes. Cut, NO! Its OK if you already cut your tees but if possible, try not to! Especially for the Mosaic design. We will need all parts of your tees to make your tshirt quilt. 


Do I have to choose the color and/or pattern of fleece material used to make my quilt?

Nope, you can leave it up to us to make your blanket look fabulous or you can choose yourself.  Email us so we can help search for a pattern fleece should you choose this option.  Rest assured we will contact you to discuss before starting your quilt.


Do I have to choose the style of quilt or size of my quilt....or can you do that for me?

Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can help you decide.  Ship everything you want in your tshirt quilt, we'll sort and arrange to determine the size and style that will work best.




Can I use the front and the back of my T-shirts or a pocket or sleeve in my memory quilt?

Of course, Use a sharpie to mark on the neckline or tag of the t-shirt either F (use Front), B (use Back), or FB (use Front and Back). If you have additional notes or requests please write them on the order form that you print and include in the box with your tees.


Can you put smaller logos or pictures together to form one square?

Yes! We do it all the time.


Is embroidery an option?

 Yes!  For $35 we can add up to 60 characters (including spaces).  However, we suggest to keep message short for best results.  The longer the message, the smaller the font.   If you did not add embroidery during ordering process, it’s not too late…..we can email you an invoice.


What if my logos are larger than standard 12" square?

We cut your tees to the size of the graphics.  We recalculate dimensions to ensure that no parts of the graphics is cut into.  We will discuss if there are any issues that we need to address.


Can I wash my memory quilt?

You bet! Wash in cold, tumble dry on low. They are so cozy!