tshirt quilts

We have reorganized our store to simplify your options.  We now offer 5 different sizes in the Mosaic, Original, or Expresso designs.  Final dimensions may vary slightly for the Original and Expresso designs, depending on how many tees you send and the size of the logos.  

*The Mosaic quilt is a design with each tshirt logo in mind...no straight lines and uniformed squares.   It is like a puzzle and each tee is cut to fit into size ordered.  We can fit more into this design, we suggest using all logos, big and small, to create the best mosaic look. 

*When T-shirt Quilt Cafe opened in 2007, we simply called this collection T-shirt Quilt.  Later on our creative team put together new designs therefore, changing this style to "The Original."  

 Squares are cut at 12x12 inches (or 15x15 inches for oversized logos) and is separated by sashing.  Sashing is the fleece fabric on the front of the quilt that frames the t-shirts.  A solid color is chosen to complement your shirts.  You may either pick a color yourself or leave it up to us.  The back of your quilt can be a solid or patterned fleece.  We use high quality, anti-pill fleece for both sides.  

*The Expresso is a simple design, initially created for a faster turnaround.  We decided that custom work should not be rushed and you should have just as much options as our other designs.  We couldn't come up with a better name so we're keeping it at Expresso.  There are no sashing between each t-shirt, this design is what you will find from our competitors except we take it a step further by adding a twin needle topstitch along the seam lines for added durability.  

We ask that you do not precut your tees.  Our measurements may be different than yours.  Its OK that you already have, we can still work with them.  Customization is always available so please contact us to discuss further. 

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