frayed edge

This design is sewn with the reverse seam line as the top side resulting in a frayed edge.  Your t-shirt quilt can be made in the Symmetrical or Mosaic design.  Each square is double layered to show more color in the frayed edge.  

For each different size of the Mosaic blanket, we offer suggestions on the number of t-shirts needed. However, the Mosaic style is like a puzzle and we will never know how the shirts will fit together until we can lay them all out. Do your best to pick the size you think is the best fit OR the size you wish to have and we will work with you.  We will use all relevant graphics for your quilt.  Only mark the side that you absolutely do not want.  Your measurements may be different from ours so please do not precut.  We have worked with many unfinished projects, we'll start with your precut pieces then work around them,  contact us to discuss further.