T-shirt quilts for the average Christmas shopper!

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T-shirt quilts for the average Christmas shopper!

October 1, 2018

T-shirt quilts for the average Christmas shopper!

You might not be thinking Christmas yet…but we at T-shirt Quilt Cafe are getting ready for the big season.  We are doing our best to be prepared so that we can take orders as close to Christmas as possible.  We understand last minute shopping…trust us.  So when you decide a t-shirt quilt is the present you want to give that special someone, we want to be able to help.  Some companies cut off in October saying they are no longer taking Christmas orders for their memory blankets…..crazy right?!  How many of us have our act together for Christmas by mid-October.  Well we are here to help the average Christmas shopper!

What we are doing behind the scenes to get ready….

We have hired exceptional part-time seamstresses that are proficient in cutting and sewing t-shirt blankets.  We are also checking our supply and ordering the highest quality fleece.  BTW we think our memory t-shirt quilts are the coziest since we use the highest quality anti-pill fleece.  Last but not least, we have sharpened our blades and made sure our machines are in top condition….all so we can be the last t-shirt quilt company standing when it comes to taking Christmas orders. SHOP NOW at www.tshirtquiltcafe.com

All the best from two average Christmas shoppers,

Stacy and Amy

  • amy on

    Cute article. Thanks for the help with my Christmas shopping.

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